On August 15th 2013, we celebrated the 55th Anniversary of the Club’s formation.  The Committee organised a special luncheon at the Granary Hotel in Shenstone, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal, followed by an interesting and entertaining demonstration by Three Counties and South Wales Area Demonstrator Wendy Lawrence, which was entitled “Happy Memories”.  Wendy demonstrated seven lovely designs depicting different styles of arrangements from the 1950’s through to the present day, and the lucky raffle winners got to take home not only the flowers, but also the containers they came in.  Six members of the Committee got together the day before at our Secretary Suzie Carter’s home to make the table arrangements which were designed by our e-media officer Chrissie Harten, and were all green to match the theme of the event.  Much folding of napkins for the tables also took place, and refreshments provided by Suzie were gratefully received!  One lucky person from each table at the luncheon found a special butterfly under their cup, and won the arrangement on their table in a free raffle. Committee member Beryl Francis organised the tickets and the seating arrangements, whilst Chrissie Harten designed the menus.  The  delicious cake was made by our Chairman, Jean Ward and beautifully decorated by our Treasurer, Penny Newman. Our Guest of Honour was Mr Bob Harris, Immediate Past President of the Three Counties and South Wales Area of NAFAS, and Bob helped Jean to cut the cake, which was shared out later to all our members to eat with their coffee! Bob also  gave a wonderful vote of thanks to Wendy following the demonstration.